From the beautiful windows of the Amity Flats, you can see most of the tiny town of Amity. What’s to do in this itty bitty place? PLENTY!

Yes, there are the award-winning wineries, bottling world-famous pinot noirs, chardonnays, pinot gris and rieslings. Most of them host festivals and events throughout the year, or you can simply stop by whenever you like for wine tasting. 

But there’s more to the Willamette Valley than its wine. There are also acres of farms raising the organic livestock and produce sold at the local restaurants and markets you’ll find in the historic towns here — all of which are connected by miles of cycling and hiking trails. 

There are enough fields of flowers, winding rivers, covered bridges, hot springs and scenic waterfalls to fill a month of Sundaydrives. There’s rarely a weekend without a rodeo or a craft brew fest.

Up for a little more action?  The Spirit Mountain Casino is only 21 miles to the west.  Surfing and ocean fishing on the Oregon coast are available within a 50 mile drive. Likewise, the city life of Portland is about 50 miles away. Boating from the marina at Detroit Lake is less than 60 miles away.

We offer a few of our favorite suggestions for activities on these web pages. You can find even more ideas, along with an extensive calendar of events, on the Travel Oregon website:

As they say at Travel Oregon:  Once you get to the Willamette Valley, the hard part isn’t finding something fun and interesting to do.

It’s finding a reason to tell your friends back home that you aren’t leaving.

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